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Education Planning

According to NCBTMB, over 30,000 continuing education courses are available to Massage Therapists. How is a new or seasoned therapist supposed to sort out which classes will get them closer to their goals and which ones will be a waste of time? What if it's overpriced and uses outdated science? Will it give you not just credentials but the skills you seek for the clients you have? We can help. We offer an in-depth planning session to uncover your clinical goals and build a path for your continuing education. 

Academic coaching

We can help you develop the executive skills needed to finish extensive home study courses.

  • Time Management

  • OrganizationPlanning, and Prioritizing

  • Overcome Technology Fatigue

  • Attention-deficit management tricks

Academic Tutoring

Did you buy a home study of an online class that's been sitting on the back burner for the last couple of years? Every time you start it, do you feel lost? We offer tutoring for general massage, anatomy, physiology, exam prep, and case study review. We also help students struggling with the course load for their basic Massage Therapy college program.

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