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Our Reboot service consists of two different Thai modalities. Thai can be modified for Stress Relief or Pain Relief depending on the clients goals. 

Ray Style Thai is the deepest and most relaxing style bodywork you will ever receive. This style is slow, intentional and compassionate. The client stays fully dressed and the work is done on a plush mat on the ground. Minimum 90 minute session. 

Thai Belly Work or Chi Nei Tsang feels comforting and nurturing. In Traditional Eastern Medicine negative emotions are said to obstruct the flow of energy, particularly in the digestive system and they can turn into one of the main causes of our ill health. Belly work may help people suffering from IBS, leaky gut, chronic fatigue, emotional trauma and many other conditions related to imbalances in the digestive system. Belly work is also a game changer for relieving low back pain. Only available in 60 minute sessions. 

Initial belly work session up to 60 minutes   $120

Thai session up to 180 minutes   $360

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