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Join our team

We have worked hard for the last five years to build a thriving business with a reputation for excellence. Fortunately, we have crushed that goal. Unfortunately, we were not exactly prepared for the success to happen on such a large scale. Now, we are booked solid with regular clients, and our waitlist is long enough to stretch from the clinic to Lambeau. 


Clearly, this crisis requires immediate resolution. 


Do you hold a valid massage therapy license in the state of Wisconsin? Are you looking for full-time or part-time employment at a studio that offers guaranteed base wages of $15-17 an hour plus commission bonuses and benefits like mentoring and continuing education? 

Our ideal candidate will have an active massage license in good standing and will share our firm commitments to promptness, professionalism, education, and client safety. 

Why join our team? Numerous reasons! The studio is owned and managed by a massage therapist. Katie Weso is a rehab specialist, teaching assistant, and instructor. She understands what it is like to be a therapist and has created an environment for other therapists to flourish.  

We strongly believe that therapists should be encouraged to continue their education and explore modalities that connect to their values. We support that journey by offering access to various anatomy, pathology, and technique courses.  


  • We respect our therapists' boundaries regarding breaks and daily capacity. We want you to have a long and healthy career.  

  • Our treatment rooms are oversized, so you can keep proper body mechanics.

  • We supply all tools and equipment, including linens, products, and hydraulic tables. (We will never charge you arbitrary fees for supplies or merchant services.)  

  • We will not toss you to the wolves. We train all employees in our protocols, so you will never feel lost or unprepared.  

  • We observe the law and contribute to our employees' taxes as all good employers should. Our employees are just that—employees. (That means NO 1099's! - Read the Wisconsin 9 Part Test to determine if you are currently a misclassified employee    

How important is skill level/experience? Not wildly important. We provide every employee with comprehensive training to ensure proficiency in our protocols, so we prioritize hard-working applicants with upbeat attitudes, regardless of their skill level.  


If you think we might be the right fit for you, please email us at Please send your resume or summary of your work experience. 


As we said, we are swamped with handling this ongoing crisis, so appointments are required. Please do not call or show up to the studio unannounced expecting an audience with the team. We will contact you within two business days of receiving your resume.  

We hope to hear from you soon!  

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